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Day 71 update + photos: 500 mile runners arrive at Sogorea Te

Runners on Glen Cove Road, with Wounded Knee DeOcampo and John Malloy in the lead On Thursday evening, more than 60 runners ranging in age from 4 to 84 years arrived at Sogorea Te, as the final destination of the … Continue reading

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Day 67 update – Spiritual Marathon Departs from Pit River

Today marks 67 days of prayer and continuous tending of the ceremonial fire at Sogorea Te. While meetings and strategy discussions are held in the background, dozens of committed native and non-native people remain present on the land in prayer. … Continue reading

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Day 59 update – 250 attend Spiritual Gathering at Sogorea Te

Today at Sogorea Te, more than 250 people of many nations, races and creeds attended a Spiritual Gathering in the bright afternoon sun. Representatives of many California tribes were present, including the Cachil Dehe/Colusa Band of Wintu, Elem Pomo, Grindstone … Continue reading

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Winnemem Wintu hold Salmon ceremony at Glen Cove

On Saturday, June 4th, over a dozen members of the Winnemem Wintu tribe held a ceremony for the Salmon at Sogorea Te (Glen Cove), and blessed the sacred grounds that Native people and their supporters have been standing upon in … Continue reading

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Bay Trail and Association of Bay Area Governments Suspends $200,000 Grant to GVRD

Bay Trail: divested! – View ABAG Press Release $200,000 Grant for Glen Cove Development Suspended Due to Impact on Native American Burial Site For Immediate Release: Wednesday, June 8, 2011 Vallejo, California – In the 56th day of their Spiritual … Continue reading

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Day 51 update + photos – Staying active in the downpour

All day long, torrential rains flooded the spiritual encampment at Glen Cove. Participants tended to the sacred fire and scrambled to secure tents and shade structures that were taking flight on exceptionally strong winds. Visitors in this morning’s rainy mist … Continue reading

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Relations with the Glen Cove neighborhood: a letter

Drafted 6/06 by members of the Committee to Protect Glen Cove, and published in the Vallejo Times Herald as a Letter to the Editor: We are writing to express our continuing commitment to maintaining respectful relations with the Glen Cove … Continue reading

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Day 48-50 updates + photos: Bay Trail meets with Protect Glen Cove Committee, Spiritual Gathering to take place Saturday

Caleen Sisk-Franco (Wintu) & Corrina Gould (Ohlone) Today marks 50 days of standing strong. 50 days of prayer, in honor of and protection of the ancestors at Sogorea Te. At this time, we are re-issuing the urgent call for people … Continue reading

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New poster design: “Protect Sogorea Te”

As a gesture of solidarity, Melanie Cervantes of the Dignidad Rebelde artists’ group in Oakland has designed a 4-color "Protect Sogorea Te" poster. These posters will be screen-printed and sold as a benefit for the emergency defense fund. From … Continue reading

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Memorial Day weekend updates & photos – Workshops held, Alcatraz Story shared, Support reinforces ongoing ceremony

Days 45-47: Over an eventful 3-day weekend, participants in the ongoing ceremony at Glen Cove were inspired by an outpouring of community support in the form of many visitors, gifts of food and supplies, and cash donations. Over $800 has … Continue reading

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New video: The Spiritual Encampment to Protect Glen Cove

This new short film edited by Rebecca Ruiz-Lichter features clips from interviews with Corrina Gould (Karkin/Chochenyo Ohlone), Morning Star Gali (Pit River), Wounded Knee DeOcampo (Miwok) and Fred Short (Chippewa), interspersed with footage from the ongoing ceremony at Glen Cove.

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Day 44 update – Support Requested, Workshops this Saturday

The spiritual encampment at Glen Cove is holding firmly – the sacred fire has now been burning continuously for 44 days and nights, carrying the power of all the prayer offerings that have been placed upon it. We would like … Continue reading

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Solidarity alert: San Francisco Peaks under immediate threat

Pipes ready to be installed at the San Francisco Peaks to transport wastewater from Flagstaff for artificial snowmaking. Flagstaff, AZ — Owners of Arizona Snowbowl ski area have begun moving pipeline and construction equipment to the base of the holy … Continue reading

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Day 37 update – Rain passes, Salmon Dance planned

Ohlone, Miwok, and Pit River men singing traditional California songs with clappers at Sogorea Te. Click here for names. Photo by Scott Braley. The sun has re-emerged after a few days of focused prayer amongst rain showers, and the spiritual … Continue reading

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Day 32+33 updates – Benicia State Recreation Area set to close, Richmond Mayor asks GVRD to sit down for discussion

One of about a dozen delinquent picnic tables at Benicia State Recreation Area. GVRD plans to spend thousands for new picnic tables at Glen Cove, less the a mile to the west. State Parks officials announced yesterday that 70 of … Continue reading

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Day 31 update – Bloody Island report, Rain at Sogorea Te

This morning, a dozen participants from the spiritual encampment at Glen Cove took part an annual memorial gathering at Clear Lake to honor the Pomo Indian people that perished, and those that survived the Bloody Island Massacre of 1850. During … Continue reading

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Day 30 update – Pit River shows support

Left to right: Jim Hayward, Don Hayward, Radley Davis Yesterday, a group of Pit River Tribe representatives drove down from Northern California, including Radley Davis of Advocates for the Protection of Sacred Places, Don and Jim Hayward of Redding Rancheria, … Continue reading

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Transcript & Audio of Corrina Gould in San Francisco, May 10

Corrina Gould speaking in San Francisco, introduced by Wounded Knee DeOcampo, Me-wuk May 10, 2011 at Station 40, 3030b 16th St. Recorded and transcribed by Mickey Ellinger Listen to audio Or, download mp3 audio Corrina: There’s lot’s of y’all here … Continue reading

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