Photos: April 20th-21st – Days 7 & 8 on the land

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Day 7 photos – April 20th, 2011

Soap Root (Chlorogalum pomeridianum), gathered on the banks of the cove. This native plant has many uses as food, fiber/cord, and as a natural soap.

More of today’s wild forage, eaten with dinner. This is wild lettuce, commonly known as “Miners Lettuce” (Claytonia perfoliata) is a highly nutritious green, also native to this area.

Day 8 photos – April 21st, 2011

Looking for snails…

Snail Races!

Tristan Anderson, dedicated Bay Area activist who was shot in the head with a teargas canister by the Israeli military two years ago while doing solidarity work in occupied Palestine.

Left to right: Corrina Gould, Kris Longoria, Morning Star Gali.

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13 Responses to Photos: April 20th-21st – Days 7 & 8 on the land

  1. Eddie Grijalva says:

    Keep the faith, I pray that our Creator of Mother Earth, will bless you and be with all of us in this time of troubled waters.

  2. Amy Ballard Rich says:

    Thanks for all you are doing. I was there Sunday, and plan to come back this Sunday. I didn’t know about the emergency call on Monday. Please put me on your email list. Segorea Te is so beautiful. The very least that should be done to make a dent in the huge amends owed to California Tribes is to save this beautiful sacred site.

    Amy Ballard Rich

  3. Eulogio Castro says:

    Stay strong my brothers I will pray that we are victorious.

  4. Jrisdall says:

    My heart goes out to you. I have posted on FB about this struggle as I have many Native Americans as friends on FB. I wish I could join you, maybe at a later date. Love, best wishes and hope go to you in this struggle!!

  5. Edie Grijalva Borquez says:

    Keep your faith strong. I do hope and pray that you come out victorious!!!

  6. Yolande Banks says:

    I am proud of this group for showing the concern native americans do have for their ancestoral burial grounds.This proves the spiritual strength of native americans will always help them keep their traditions and heritage as a part of their being.The ancestors are with you and will guide all to cause the movement to be successful.Wakan Tanan Kici Un Kolas!!

  7. Tricia Shortridge says:

    You will have victory in this fight to save Sagorea Te. Everyone will benefit from your victory. Friends, please keep your fire stoked. It makes a huge difference in everything. My good wishes and thoughts are with you throughout the day and night.

  8. Yolande BanksRyan says:

    I send everyone blessings to be strong holding the spirit for the ancestors who need protection against removal & being destroyed at GlenCove.WakanTanan KiciUn!

  9. Andrew Godsey says:

    Our thoughts and prayers go out on a daily for everyone involved/aho

  10. Clayton Duncan says:

    people that show respect for the ancestors is a real human being thing to do . Vallejo this is not 1850 and you can’t treat us like we’re your slaves anymore , its over . Your ego is hanging way out there , you are infected with the descease scycopathy , Your forfathers was infected with that same desease when they built this country they thought they really owned the land .When we all get to the happy hunting ground we will find out what we been telling you all along this is our land , And you have no right disrespecting us like you do.I have no problem telling you this cause I know its true.To build over a burial ground is the most disrespectful thing any human being could do to another human being .If you are only a human ego ,I understand why you have no feelings AMERICA…

  11. Leah Scott says:

    Daily prayers are sent!

  12. Stephanie Manning says:

    Stay strong all involved. We owe our support especially to the Ohlone descendants. This is their burial ground, this is their sacred site which was stolen from them when Fages & Crespi entered the Straits in 1772 despite offerings of food by the Ohlone villagers at the time. Some of the villagers’ names are preserved in “A Time of Little Choice” by R. Milliken: Nazaria Saqenamaie, Blandina Guaiamay (p.103), and Logeacse (p.131), As the great scholar Vine Deloria (Standing Rock Sioux) said, “Every society needs these kinds of sacred places. They help instill a sense of social cohesion in the people and remind them of the passage of generations that have brought them to the present…The Sanctity of Lands is the Foundation of Individual and Group Dignity.”

  13. wolfpaw says:

    you are in my thoughts and prayers xxx

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