Photos: April 19th, 2011 – Day 6 on the land

These photos may be re-used by our allies & supporters, just please include a link back to this website wherever you post them. To request full resolution images, email protectglencove [at]

12 Responses to Photos: April 19th, 2011 – Day 6 on the land

  1. Yolande Banks says:

    I pray for the ancestors to protect and help everyone saving the native american burial grounds at GlenCove.WakanTananKiciUn! May the Great Spirit Less You!!

  2. Mischa Little Bear says:

    Osiyo to all my relatives, my prayers are with you from the far coast of Spain, may you know that people in Spain do admire and support your bravery and courage. Let them all know that native land is sacred. I am with you in spirit. Many blessings from a Cherokee sis roaming far.
    Mischa Yona Usdi

  3. Thanks! Those are great pictures. Thanks again!

  4. Richard Flittie says:

    The tipi is a wonderful addition. The pictures are inspiring, especially the one of the children running through the long grass havin fun. Spent most of the afternoon there on Sunday and hope to return today for more support. Stay strong Brothers and Sisters.

  5. Wappo Nations says:

    If your going to step up and speak for this land. Call it what it is….It is not “Indian Land” that is what the europeans called Tribal People by mistake… This land has many Ancestors that lived around it.. Where is that culture? Why are you putting up other cultures out of this area to represent you?
    This site does not have the Name of the original Peoples Tribe? Why not? This is a California issue, thanks to all who want to help but it is a issue the California Tribes needs to address… Come on People step up and keep your Ancestors resting where your Ancestors Blessed them to rest for Eternity ……Put up a tule hutt or what your Ancestors lived in also… They did not Live in a Tee Pee… You got to show what your asking for…..Traditional Purposes to stop today’s society from growing more disrespectful for others Cultures. There is more than one culture in tis Country…

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comments and support. We are holding ceremony here on our Sacred Site, Sogorea Te and as we have many Nations supporting our effort to protect the desecration of our ancestors, they asked in a good way if they could put up the tipi for ceremonial purposes. We are supported by many California tribes as well and will be constructing a traditional Tule structure here, as we are blessed with tule growing at the site. I am in hopes that you are in prayer with us.
      Corrina Gould

    • pomodoll says:

      The pictures are wonderful, however Wappo Nation does have a point here. Why is there a tee pee standing? California Native people did not live in tee pee’s, therefore we should really question who is benefiting from this occupation.

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  7. James Goebel says:

    From the occupation at CSU Fullerton, in conjunction with various other universities, we express our solidarity. Your work is beyond inspiring.

  8. thicket says:

    strong hearts to the front! solidarity from minnesota!

  9. xolocihuatl says:

    to everyone: At this critical point of our cultures being totally disentegrated and so few of us really fighting for our ancestors and everything they left to us, we have no time to talk of the tiny little details concerning this crucial take over we have had to endure for 500 years. Even though i am of another tribe, i back this protest 100%. Even if it was my tribe, it doesn’t matter if there is a tipi, an inca monument, the aztec calendar or a mayan representative. It is trying to convey a message that we are all the same. We all live and are from this continent. We all have been deeply affected by the invasion and the invader acts always in one way and that way is conquer and divide. Therefore, even if you disagree with the tipi, we are all, from the tip of Alaska to the southmost of south america have the same agreement: Respect Mother Earth. Don’t dig her and respect each other. We affectionately respect the original people from this area and let you know we are behind you.

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