Photos: April 24th-25th – Days 11 & 12 on the land

These photos may be re-used by our allies & supporters, just please include a link back to this website wherever you post them. To request full resolution images, email protectglencove [at]

Pit River and Wintu representatives drove down from Redding Rancheria with a truckload of wood.

Wicahpiluta Candelaria, Rumsen Ohlone

Shootin’ hoops with mad style

Visiting Pit River and Wintu people provided massages to the weary of the group.

A first-aid/ medic training workshop.

Knute, Saami elder and Sailor.

Young warriors, holdin’ it down

12 Responses to Photos: April 24th-25th – Days 11 & 12 on the land

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  2. Richard Flittie says:

    It has been an honor to spend time @ Glen Cove w/ Brothers and Sisters from around the country and the world who have come here to show their support for the right of the Ancestors of the 1st peoples of this land they, and we now, call Turtle Island. Most of these people are putting their lives on the back burner while they try to let the world know what kind of disrespect and prejudice an agency of The City of Vallejo is trying to force on the Indigenous People of this land. Try and imagine how you would feel about that level of indifference and disrespect if it was your family. I will return, again and again, until this is resolved.

  3. Bear Warrior says:

    I was there for the first 12 days but had to come home to see a liver specialist. I am planning on going back up. We need everyone that can make it to show up and show your support. Prayers are great but if you can make it to Glen Cove please do. It is a 6 hour drive for me so I know if you live closer you should be able to make it.

  4. vicki kritzell says:

    Stay the course. You have the power of right on your side.

  5. Andrew Godsey says:

    Hey if you are needing more firewood we here at the Shingle Springs Rancherias Cultural Resource Dept. Would surely be more than ready to bring down a load of firewood in support of the fight for what’s right!!! Just e-mail me and let me know!!!!

  6. Jesse says:

    I Am one of the Warriors out there and iv been there since day one. we have some very strong and good hearted warriors out there and im proud to be inservice of our ancestors. we will not let them destroy sacred grounds

  7. Linda Orannhawk says:

    I spoke with a friend tonight who is Potawatomi … he asked me to relay a message to Wounded Knee and all of the supporters at Glen Cove. He is also fighting to save and protect a Sacred Mound in his area, so he is quite familiar with the actions of the opposition.

    He said his prayers are with all at Glen Cove, and with the Ancestors … and that what we do is for love, for honor and respect for the Ancestors.

    He shared with me something that was stated during a prayer circle he was in …. “Yum Gwan azin” Be Determined in Your Walk. (Mede’ Potawatomi)

    He said it is important to pray with each step that you take and he meant it literally … and that he will remind himself “Yum Gwan Azin”.

    Please tell Uncle Wounded that I am praying hard !

    Thinking of you all,



  9. Consuela M Vargas says:

    Hope all keep safe and stay strong my family’s prayers are with you all, thank you for helping in the protection of our sacred sites and areas.

  10. Yomira M Palacios says:

    My name is Yomira I’ am 13 years old, me and my mom and family have been praying for you guys out there at Glen Cove, hope you are ok, and my Danza group that I am apart of in Woodland CA, has been praying for all of you to be safe when we ending Danza in the prayer circle.
    Thank you for protecting Glen Cove!

  11. Laulani says:

    Just wanted to let you know that our hearts and spirits are still very much with you!! Linked below is an article about the desecration of an important burial site that happened yesterday on Kauaʻi to do (yes, seriously) park development in Wailuanuiahoano (near the famous Coco Palms). Two of our warriors were arrested. Our hands are full, but our hearts are with you in your struggle to protect your sacred lands, traditions and ancestors!!
    Aloha pumehana,

  12. michelle racicot says:

    I stumbled on this site and situations like this just irritate the heck out of me. I was born and raised in Vallejo, Ca. Riding my bike down Columbus Pkwy/Benicia Road to Glen Cove holds some of the fondest memories in my heart. I look at the pictures and still see the beautiful shoreline and green rolling hills that Vallejo still holds, just like back in the day. Why cant they just leave it alone, let it be, allow at least a little bit to stay and be as beautiful as it did from day one. You are in my thoughts and prayers tonight, I didnt even know this was going on, I know how beautiful it is, I remember, only if they could see too.

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