Photos: Week 5 on the land – May 2011

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Left to right: Wounded Knee DeOcampo (Me-wuk), Tony Cerda (Rumsen Ohlone), Mickey Gemmill, Jr (Pit River), Naiche Dominguez (Apache/Ohlone), Wicahpiluta Candelaria (Rumsen Ohlone/ Apache)

Joey Silvas (Wilaki) addresses the circle

Elder Henry Dominguez speaks to the group

“Religious Freedom for All”

Sonoma Dave (Chiricahua Apache) and the latest of three gigantic trailers full of wood he has donated to the spiritual encampment.

Pit River representatives at Sogorea Te – Left to right: Jonathan Riggins, Louis Gustafson, Mickey Gemmill Jr, Don Hayward, Radley Davis, Jim Hayward.

Morning Star Gali (Pit River) and Wounded Knee DeOcampo (Me-wuk) – Photo by Scott Braley

Bundling white sage, gathered from the wild and donated by the Dominguez family.

Left to right: Wounded Knee DeOcampo (Me-Wuk), Mary Jean Robertson (Cherokee), Richard Brown (Black Panther and SF8 defendant) and Tony Cerda (Rumsen Ohlone)

Pickin’ up garbage along the shoreline. Participants from the spiritual encampment have hauled out over 500 pounds of garbage from the Glen Cove area.

Teri and Jimbo Simmons (Choctaw)

Mexica dancers from Santa Rosa, CA. They have been visiting over the past couple weeks helping out in the kitchen and with security.

Photo by Alice Myers

Fred Short fishing for sturgeon

Wicahpiluta Candelaria (Rumsen Ohlone/ Apache) – photo by Scott Braley

Full moon rise from Glen Cove

6 Responses to Photos: Week 5 on the land – May 2011

  1. in solidarity says:

    beautiful pictures, stay strong everyone i have been there in spirit and prayers every single day. sending a lot of love to segorea te.

  2. Fayala Amaya says:

    Hope the sacred territory will remain SACRED!!
    My spirit will stand by those in the defense of the land.

  3. Mt. Shasta Mike says:

    Keep things going strong and ask for protection from creator. I am hosting a fasting sweat prayer ceremony June 11 at 6am sweat.Then we are going up on Mt. Shasta to raise the pipe and smoke…then solo time on the Mountain for participants then going back for a 8pm sweat on my property. I met Wounded Knee at the Bloody Island commemoration last month at Clear Lake and really want to support what you are trying to do. We must never waver to protect our sacred sites. We will be focusing the June 11th ceremony to pray for protection and strength for the cause at Glen Cove. We hope to bring some bears down there to offer strength and protection soon.

    Oh ho!!!!

  4. Wanda Cloud says:

    I will continue to pray, my fear is that one day all of our mother will be covered in buildings and pavement and only a few grass leaves will fight their way though the cracks in the pavement

  5. Sam Kurshan says:

    I wish I could be there with you now as I have been many times in the past.
    My engine blew up in my truck making it very difficult for me to get around lately.
    My heart and prayers are with you and everyone there.
    God is watching over and protecting all of you.
    Keep up the vigil. You will prevail.
    I hope to join you again, soon.

    Your friend and supporter,

    Sam Kurshan

  6. Ruth Marquez-Washeleski says:

    Prayers for perseverance, relief/supporters/advocates to continue to hear of the encampment and Segorea Te, Glen Cove, Vallejo, CA.

    I know the need is great for donations! I continue to gather signatures here in/around Sacramento and on my travels, prayer walks along the Sacramento River and spread the news to SNAHC/TANF/BV Rancheria, etc. I need prayers in a request to speak to Govenor Brown.

    I will be visitng for the day Sunday and hope to camp soon after I graduate this program and find permanent housing. Now I come when I can usually on my way into the Bay Area to visit my Sons. They hope to visit soon, possibly next weekend.

    This Sunday, I will be escorted by Steaven Greenwood, President: Aggressive Aerodynamics Institute of Research.
    “I am volunteering along side this Brother to help with the ‘Mother Earth Medicine/the power of the Air’ – to detox our environment!”

    Thank you for the wonderful clear pictures that were recently uploaded to the website.

    Blessings, AHO
    Executive Administrative Assistant
    Aggressive Aerodynamic Institute of Research

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