Photos: April 29, 2011 – Day 16 on the land

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Banner drop in Vallejo over Interstate 780, Glen Cove Parkway overpass.

A group of young women from the Oakland-based American Indian Child Resource Center‘s “Daughters of Tradition” program visited today and Corrina Gould gave them an educational tour of Sogorea Te.

Police officers and a utility company worker stopped by again today, uneventfully.

Wounded Knee DeOcampo addressing the group after the police came and left.

A story-telling circle was held after lunch, during which experiences of 70′s era indigenous struggles were shared.

SAVE THE PEAKS! – A related struggle to prevent desecration. The San Francisco Peaks, located in Northern Arizona, are held holy by more than 13 Indigenous Nations. Indigenous and environmental groups have been fighting for decades to stop a proposed ski area development that would entail clear-cutting up to 100 acres of old growth trees and snowmaking with more than 180 million gallons of treated sewage effluent per season on 205 acres. Latest information:
Court Denies Injunction to Halt Snowbowl Development

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  2. Sinnie Santo says:

    Hello, Good Day To You, Just Want To Share, How I Respect You All For “Standing Up”, For What Is Right, I Do Not Get That They Are So Heartless And Greedy, And To Top It Off!! Managed To Find Money, To Build!! I’m And So Sure, There Are Other Areas To Build A “PARK”, Why Here? How Would They Like It If We Wanted To Make A “Park”, On There Cemertary’s!! They Need To Focus On Other Areas To Help The Public, But!! Not With A Park!!! That’s The Last Thing On The List!! So, My Brothers and Sisters, “CONTINUE TO STAND STRONG” !! Continued Prayers and Blessings , To You All, From, Salt River, Arizona,Aho!!!

  3. Clydene Cannon says:

    None of this makes sense except the fact that all of us respect our ancestor’s graves and they must always be kept sacred no matter what their nationality may be. I’m with those who protest making a park on the Glen Cove site.

    I have a story to tell that may shed some light on the subject of not disturbing graves. This is the story of my ancestor and where she is buried.

    Her name was Mataoka also known as Pocahontas and Lady Rebecca. She bridged two worlds when it was not a popular thing to do and that’s why she is known in America and abroad. The story goes that she married, John Rolfe, a white man in the Virginia Colony. Not long after her son, Thomas, was born, she made a trip to England with her family and had a court with the King and Queen of England. There she became ill and when their ship left to come home she fell into a coma. The ship docked at Kent England and there she was buried at Gravesend in the Church Yard. This is not just a story but the truth.

    The entertainer, Wayne Newton, is a descendant of Pocahontas, also. About 20 years ago he decided that his great grandmother should not remain in England and made plans to have her body removed and brought back to Virginia to be interred in the land of her people. Mr. Newton made all the necessary arrangements except he hit a barrier in England at the Church Cemetery. They told him that Pocahontas, the Lady from America, was buried below several other English people and that their graves would have to be disturbed to get to hers. They adamantly opposed this as they did not believe in disturbing graves. That was the end of it. Mr. Newton saw that it was impossible to do what he had planned and did not want to disturb other burials. To this day, Pocahontas, remains buried in a foreign land, far from her home and people.

    In England, burials are in layers with the most recent buried near the surface. In the 1620’s no one could have imagined any reason for digging up a grave and it remains that way today. So, nationality has nothing to do with burials being sacred – it’s custom that is passed down for hundreds of generations. It just is not done.

    Our ancestors would have never imagined that their graves would be dug up for any reason at any time and certainly not to put in a park, bathroom, parking lot and paved jogging trails. Their graves must remain sacred to all.

    This reminds me of Buffy St.Marie’s song lyrics:

    “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone – – – They take paradise and put in a parking lot.”

    This is paradise to those ancestors – leave them lay unmolested. Because you and I don’t know their names, as we do with my ancestor, does not make a bit of difference. This is a moral custom of all nations not to disturb burials.

  4. Queen says:

    These people of top Government Positions Need to go back to History Class! We have been here before any of them arrived on that Boat! And We NDN are still living here! Would any of these construction workers or Politicians like to have their mothers, fathers, or grandparents & family members buried under a Honey Bucket!!? Or let’s go place a Out House over their family members Head stones!!! It just disturbs me, how some white people think. They are always on their Road of greed, destruction, diseased minds, and hostile take overs. They cannot erase our History, WE ARE STILL HERE THROUGH OUR ANCESTOR’S WE HAVE A HISTORY, WE HAVE A CULTURAL, WE HAVE STRENGTH WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONTINUE OUR HERITAGE OUR WAY OF LIFE, AS WE RESPECT OUR ELDERS THAT ARE ALSO OUR ANCESTOR’S . THE WHITE MAN PUT THERE ELDERS IN A SENIOR HOME, WE TAKE OUR SENIORS HOME WITH US. THEY MAY BURY THERE FAMILY IN A FIELD OF COLD STONE, AND FORGET THEM AFTER A WEEK, WE DO NOT FORGET OUR ANCESTORS, OR WHERE THEY LAY TO REST.

    Why must we as a nation of Tribes always have to battle against with these white thieves. When will the white man get over it, we are a Important people with strong values and History. This land is our cultural, or Home, or history, our mother earth.


    • Steve says:

      @Queen, et al,

      I so agree with you’re right and position on protecting the graves of your ancestors. However, the people opposing you are not all “White”. I disapporve of the stereotyping of white people as uncaring and “Greedy”, just as you would be offended at them stereotyping Native Americans. Let’s forego the labels and concentrate on doing what’s right by your ancestors.

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