Sogorea Te Reunion Gathering: 1pm on Sunday, April 14th


Hello Friends and Warriors,

We are hoping that you all can come and celebrate our 2nd reunion at Sogorea Te on Sunday, April 14th. This is the date, two years ago, when we decided to take a stand, started the sacred fire and occupied the land for 109 days for the preservation and protection of the ancestors. While we were protecting the ancestors, they did the same for us and we were able to transform ourselves and dream a community into existence.

Meet 1:00pm at Sogorea Te. This is a potluck. Please bring your own plates, cups, utensils and food to share. We would like to talk with one another, catch up and remember the fallen warriors.

Bring your clappers and hand drums, laughter and stories… See you all soon.

-Corrina Gould

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  1. Andrew Godsey says:

    It’s a beautiful and glorious victory when all nations can come together and fight for what is right and have the outcome be Victorious. You know those heart felt emotions that fill your heart & run through out your body when the Good News is heard about saving a Culturally Sensative Area. For it is our responsibility as keepers of Mother Earth and our Ancesters that we continue to come together for this purpose. As the Creator will always be with us guiding us through our lifes daily struggles. Preservation and Protection of our indigenous territores is very crucial.
    May the Great Spirit Always be with us ALL.

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