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Glen Cove

Flyer: Stop the Desecration of Glen Cove – 2up PDF for printing (Updated on May 26, 2011)
Printable Leaflet: Protect Glen Cove – PDF format, for 8.5×14 (legal) size paper. Also, theres a grayscale version that will print better on some machines. Print double sided (“short-edge binding”) at 100%.
Protect Glen Cove online petition
Protect Glen Cove announcement/emergency list-serve
Short Film: The Spiritual Encampment to Protect Glen Cove – NEW as of June 1st, by Rebecca Ruiz-Lichter
Transcript & Audio of Corrina Gould (Ohlone) in San Francisco, 5/10
2010 Video interview with Wounded Knee (Me-Wuk) on Native Voice TV (also available here with added information and comments.)
Video: Native American Action at Glen Cove Continues – 4/15/11 by Vallejo Independent Bulletin
Historical Facts of Glen Cove Burial Site (SOL-236)
Audio interview with Wounded Knee of SSP&RIT – by Raising Sand Radio, June 2010
Glen Cove, A Sacred Indian Burial Ground – excerpt from a book by folklorist Gary R Varner
Glen Cove Shell Mound, A Sacred Site – page on the Manataka Indian Council website
Sacred: A poem by Dee Allen – for the defenders of Sogorea Te
The Ancestors are Crying – a poem by Linda Orannhawk
Color Poster: Save the Carquin (Glen Cove) Shellmound (old)
Birds of Glen Cove – some photos from a resident amateur photographer
"Save Sacred Sites" Facebook Page

Official documents and references

Cultural Easement, Settlement Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding (PDF) – between Yocha Dehe and Cortina bands of Wintun Indians, the City of Vallejo, and GVRD. Signed on 7/21/11.
Civil Rights Complaint re: Glen Cove (PDF) – issued 4/13/11 against the City of Vallejo and GVRD.
Addendum to Civil Rights Complaint (PDF) – issued April 28, 2011.
Letter on Legal Standing of Native American/ Ohlone individuals and SSP&RIT by Alberto Saldamando of the International Indian Treaty Council, 4/25/11.
Proposal to GVRD, 16 Points (PDF) – by SSP&RIT and allies, regarding the protection of Glen Cove.
Glen Cove Cultural Resources Summary (PDF) – prepared by Miley Paul Holman, an archeologist contracted by LandPeople, the firm hired by GVRD to prepare their Glen Cove Master Plan. A summary of archeological research and disturbance of the Glen Cove site. Includes a detailed chronology and interesting concluding remarks.
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Urgent Action Request to United Nation Special Rapporteurs, re:Glen Cove – filed 4/26 by the IITC
GARLON 4 Herbicide Safety Data Sheet – official safety warnings from DOW Chemical about this herbicide, known to cause birth defects and tumors and to harm marine life. GVRD has used GARLON 4 at Glen Cove and is planning to use extensively in the future to eliminate non-native trees and plants.
Glen Cove “Waterfront Park” Master Plan – by GVRD. Beware of dishonest, diplomatic language.
Indian Remains Found – 1986 Vallejo Times Herald article (PDF)

Ohlone / Bay Area Shellmound protection

Indian People Organizing for Change – good information on Bay Area Shellmounds.
International Indian Treaty Council
Video: Corrina Gould speaking in San Francisco – on March 6, 2011.
Video: Berkeley’s Bones – Ann Marie Sayers (Ohlone) enters the basement of the Hearst Gymnasium at UC Berkeley for the first time, where over 11,000 Native American skeletons are imprisoned in metal filing cabinets – including hundreds of human remains and sacred objects from the Glen Cove site.
Ohlones want a voice on Hunters Point project – SF Chronicle article, August 2010
San Bruno Mountain Shellmound – article by Sacred Sites International Foundation
San Bruno Mountain Watch – a decades old community group dedicated to protecting the native ecosystems and sacred burial sites/shellmounds of San Bruno Mountain, just south of San Francisco.
Video: Corrina Gould speaking at Emeryville Mall – during the end of 2008 Shellmound Walk
Shellmound: the movie – a documentary film about the sordid history of the Emeryville shellmound.
Free Land: The Shellmound Story – a film on YouTube in two parts, with Ariel Lucky of the Free Land hip-hop theater project. Great storytelling.
(Ohlone) Burial ground disturbed underneath Bay Bridge – SF Examiner article
Francisco Da Costa’s writings and links – on shellmounds, sacred sites and other relevant topics
I’m an Indian, but Who Am I? (PDF) by Patrick Orozco, an elder of Chumash and Juaneno descent – a story from the book A Gathering of Voices about Orozco’s participation in the 1975 armed occupation at Lee Road in Watsonville, CA (“Wounded Lee”) to protect an Ohlone burial site and how this contributed to his life-long search to uncover his own ancestry and identity.
Pajaro Valley Ohlone Indian Council
Costanoan Ohlone Indian Canyon – lots of useful articles and research information.