New poster design: “Protect Sogorea Te”

As a gesture of solidarity, Melanie Cervantes of the Dignidad
artists’ group in Oakland has designed a 4-color "Protect Sogorea Te" poster. These posters will be screen-printed and sold as a benefit for the emergency defense fund.

From "Today marks the 50th day that a spiritual encampment (an on going prayer and presence on the land) has held strong in at Glen Cove, in Vallejo California… I created this graphic as a humble attempt to create a visual that captured the stories being told by organizers and elders. I wanted to depict the ancestors’ presence on this sacred shellmound and did so by depicting Miwok and Ohlone men and women reflected in the clouds and in on the land. Many other California peoples have been present on this sacred land I want to acknowledge that as well. Ideally this could be a much larger piece that could reflect how important this site is to many, many, many peoples."

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2 Responses to New poster design: “Protect Sogorea Te”

  1. keep the endless work up…

  2. my prayers are with you all.

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