Relations with the Glen Cove neighborhood: a letter

Drafted 6/06 by members of the Committee to Protect Glen Cove, and published in the Vallejo Times Herald as a Letter to the Editor:

We are writing to express our continuing commitment to maintaining respectful relations with the Glen Cove neighborhood and the wider Vallejo community. For over fifty days and nights we have remained at Glen Cove with the singular purpose of protecting this sacred burial ground from the desecration of development.  

While there have been differing messages put out to the public to explain GVRD’s intentions, the reality is that any construction or bulldozing on the site constitutes the desecration of hallowed land and is a disrespect towards Native peoples. We have found open hearts among many in the neighborhood who wholly support our struggle and who empathize with the need to preserve the sanctity of one’s ancestral burial grounds. These neighbors have warmly offered us food, water, financial donations, and moral support.

Since day one of our Spiritual vigil, we have strived to reach out to those around us, to educate them on our purpose and invite them to join us in prayer around the sacred fire. We have been pleased to offer tours of the site, to explain its significance to Native peoples, such that those in proximity can have a greater appreciation for the historical importance of the area in which they live.

Based on input from our Glen Cove neighbors we have curtailed use of drums after dark and before 11am. We continue open dialog with those in the area to address any concerns about our presence. We monitor all vehicles, to make sure they are properly parked.

Out of respect for both the sacredness of the site and the neighbors, we have always kept the area surrounding the vigil clean and orderly. We have picked up and removed over 500 lbs of garbage that had littered the beach previously and painted over pre-existing graffiti. To ensure fire safety, the ceremonial fire is carefully tended to 24-hours a day, and we are equipped with multiple fire extinguishers.

In the coming days, tribes from around California will be joining us for special ceremonial songs, dances, and prayers, which will be kept to daytime hours. We would like to invite everyone in the area to join us for these ceremonies.

To reiterate, we are here with the deepest respect for the land and all of its inhabitants- those that dwelled here thousands of years ago and those that live here today. We are dedicated to being good, (albeit temporary) neighbors, and will continue our ongoing dialog with the Glen Cove community to maintain positive relations and mutual respect while we protect this sacred ancestral resting place.

The Committee to Protect Glen Cove

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3 Responses to Relations with the Glen Cove neighborhood: a letter

  1. rebecca ruiz-lichter says:

    this is really good. i hope they print it

  2. Lila Peters says:

    stay stRonG in The fighT 4 lifE!* sacRed mother EarTh!*
    I am w U in prayEr*…always*……lila

  3. Dr. Sandra M. Pacheco says:

    I live in Glen Cove and support all your efforts to protect sacred burial grounds.

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