This Saturday: Earth Day Celebration & Interfaith Gathering

Tribal members at the ongoing Spiritual Encampment and Vigil at the sacred burial site at Glen Cove in Vallejo will hold an Indigenous Peoples Earth Day and Interfaith Gathering this Saturday, April 23, 2011 from 1pm to 5pm. We are inviting the general public to come to Glen Cove for this gathering that will bring together people from many faiths, cultures and religions in support of the struggle to protect Glen Cove from desecration.

In addition to the gathering on Saturday, please come to Glen Cove whenever you can be there to help protect the site. We need people there all the time to keep the encampment going strong!

Sixty tribal members and supporters participated in all-night ceremonies again last night.

On Thursday, April 14th, over 100 people occupied the site and began spiritual ceremonies to stop the planned desecration of the Glen Cove burial and shellmound site. 200 people showed up Monday night to protect the site from a theatened police action – but we prevailed and the encampment remains! A verbal agreement with the Greater Vallejo Recreation District was reached that has allowed the spiritual gathering to continue for now without disturbance.

Please join together on Saturday for a celebration of the effort that so far has stopped the desecration of this sacred area, and to dedicate ourselves to continue the struggle until we win. Bring friends, family, co-workers and food to share! Bring reusable utensils, cups and plates, as it is our intention to create as little trash as possible for folks to haul away.

For directions to Glen Cove, look here.

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  1. Dojon Banks says:

    This is Dojon from the Inter-tribal allied DQ student occupation, and we’re still in the process of stabilizing and developing a level of respectable Autonomy and Understanding between The Board of Trustees and the Students. Currently we have lots of good news to share, and configure ways at outlining possible benefits of aligning our two movements to help increase and promote growth in protecting and staying active in protecting sacred sites as well as forming and maintaining sustainable Land Base outposts for these specific movement activities.
    I’m currently with a good friend who is heavily involved in the Festival circuit and has extensive knowledge on Indian Law and resources.
    We’re looking to make contact and see what plans together we can conjure.
    currently we have a Van and can bring food and water to share, but we ask if there are any available funds of minimal gas re-imbursement,
    we can also transport and take Glen Cove Occupation representatives to the SNAG event tomorrow to engage and inform a younger and active artistic community for possible joint projects and possible ideas.
    We’ll be performing the following day in SF on Sat. at a much larger event, and we can possibly offer some minutes to talk to a Mass crowd in San Francisco Earth Day festival..
    Dolores Huerta will be there, we can possibly get a few of your representatives to meet with her if the energy is right..
    thank you for your direct participation and commitment in preserving and informing people of these essential sacred sites and creating the space for gathering…

  2. Antoine says:

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