Press Release: A Victory for Protection of Sogorea Te

Announcement: A closing ceremony for the spiritual encampment will
be held at Sogorea Te on Saturday, July 30th. Details TBA.

Press Release: After 98 days and nights of a continuous prayer vigil, the
Committee to Protect Glen Cove is pleased to announce a victory in the struggle to protect the sacred grounds of Sogorea Te/Glen Cove.

Yesterday, the Yocha Dehe and Cortina tribes established a cultural easement and settlement agreement with the City of Vallejo and the Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD). The agreement sets a legal precedent for granting Native peoples jurisdiction over their sacred sites and ancestral lands. The cultural easement forever guarantees that the Yocha Dehe and Cortina tribes will have legal oversight in all activities taking place on the sacred burial grounds of Sogorea Te/Glen Cove. It also represents a significant step forward in enacting tribal sovereignty, as the first such easement under CA Senate Bill 18 to be negotiated at the city and recreational district levels.

The agreement’s terms include elimination of the formerly planned restroom facility and relocation of a downsized 2-space parking lot to an area thoroughly tested to confirm that it contains no human remains or cultural remnants.

While the specifics of the deal leave some ambiguity about how GVRD’s park development project can and cannot proceed, the Committee is hopeful that Yocha Dehe and Cortina will use their newfound influence to make sure that the resting place of the ancestors is not further disturbed or desecrated.

“The cultural easement is an important victory, however we are concerned about the lack of specific language that would prevent grading on the western portion of the site,” states Corrina Gould (Chochenyo/Karkin Ohlone.) “We will be communicating this to the tribes and we have faith that they will take all necessary measures to ensure that ancestral remains and cremations are left undisturbed.”

Gould continued, “We appreciate and are humbled by the vast support that we have received in protecting our ancestors. It is our responsibility to continue to do the work to make certain that all of our sacred places are protected.”

The historical and cultural value of the 3,500-year old site has never been disputed and it continues to be spiritually important to California tribes. On April 14th, local Native Americans and supporters began a 24-hour prayer vigil at Sogorea Te to prevent the Greater Vallejo Recreation District from bulldozing/grading a large portion of the sacred site and constructing bathrooms and a parking lot.

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33 Responses to Press Release: A Victory for Protection of Sogorea Te

  1. Douglas Duncan says:

    This is just the beginning of the many sites that are out there. Pray that all the tribes will get the same support throughout CA. Keep the prayers going, love to all.

  2. Ruth Marquez-Washeleski says:


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  4. Sam Kurshan for Vallejo City Council 2011 says:

    Wounded my brother,

    I told you all along you would prevail. I am glad to bee a supporter. You have my continued and unending support. I will be at City Hall tomorrow.



    Sam Kurshan

  5. BobTorres says:

    Thank the creator for the hard work of the organizers and all the supporters of this occupation.It shows that power is there for change.Peace to all and good fortune.What beckons next??????

  6. Mending the Sacred Hoop says:


  7. This is a result of Unity and the good sense of those who’d begun the vigil and to those wise enough to utilize media to gather the resources for positive impact.

    My War Bonnet is off to the courage, dedication and initiative of the vigil holders, Ms. Corrina Gould, Mr. Wounded Knee DeOcampo and to the subsequent respect and professionalism evinced by Mr. Osby Davis and Mr. Shane McAffee.

    Unity is imperative and I speak on behalf of The Red Nation Society and our 2,500 plus membership, who’ve all absorbed its essence and who strives for its perfection in all that we say, do and believe.

    We Are All One!


    Calvin Tatsey, Blackfeet,

    • wilma brooks says:

      so glad to hear about the victory!!!thank-you once again “Great Spirit”!!!!May God Bless all who helped and stood for what IS right!!!!!

  8. Isabella Rivera says:

    Yeeeeaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! I am so happy. I feel like I can smile about this now, where before there was rage.

  9. Wonderful news. Prayer and peaceful means thwarted the “sky people”- who think they can take whatever they want. Pilamaya to our friends on the ground.

  10. Laulani Teale says:

    Blessings to all whose hard work, courage, love, prayers and perseverance have culminated in this great news!! He lanakila maikaʻi nō kēia nūhou!!!

  11. Rick Hunsicker says:

    My congradulations, love and prayers continue. Awesome work there for all of us! …

  12. Nancy Rieser says:

    Be still my heart! Hey — wait a minute! What am I saying?! To heck with hearts being still…. may all hearts LEAP and beat with joy! Blessings, blessings, blessings……

  13. Guy Cobb says:

    let this be the beginning of many victories. we must preserve the past to assure the future. we do not have to destroy the past to enjoy the future. we will keep the eagle eye on mother earth and will always protect when we do not stand up for rights, we give up these rights

  14. gail and James Whissen says:

    yes, this just proves to the people who do not care about the Native American people regardless of what %
    they are. that Creator answers our prayers and we are not the Devil Worshipers that people say we are that we believe in the same God and he also answers our prayers.

  15. ADNAN KHAN says:


  16. Lutangu Amulimukwa says:

    Thanks for the job well done and keep it up.

  17. Amazing news! Warm congratulations and blessings to all the organizers and supporters!

  18. Dear Brothers & Sisters,

    On behalf of the Bay Area Friends of Tibet, Please accept my hearty Congratulations at this moment of victory. Congratulations for having the courage to presevere and not giving up.

    Take care together going forward.

    Vast best wishes!

  19. Jeff Hoffman says:

    Finally, the Indians win one over the cowboys. Let’s hope this in only the first in many, many victories.

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  22. Hinhanska Haney says:

    Great news and affirmation that our prayers are intended in the right place. Thoughts go the the people at Sogorea Te, wish I could have been there longer. Much appreciation to the people who stood by their word. This is powerful momentum on the issue of burial and sacred sites, opportunities that are unforeseen, but can be felt. Look forward to meeting with you once again.

    Hinhanska Haney

  23. Paula Landua says:

    Thank You Great Spirit for answering the prayers from those holding vigil at Sogorea Te, and thank You for the strength You gave them to stand firm for 98 days. You have blessed these people for standing firm in honor of their Ancestors. Thank You for all those across the Nation who could not be there in physical vigil, but held with them in vigil of prayer. You are the Great Spirit of us all.

    Paula Landua
    member of: and Warriors Of The Rainbow

  24. Cindy Katenay says:

    Mitakuye Oyasin

  25. Armando Lawrence says:

    Wow, just got wind of this cause from a friend on FB. I will add this movement, at Sogorea Te, to my prayers. Pray for protection of sacred sites/Burial sites in Cal and all places. You have my email now, please relatives ,keep me posted.
    Chamahua ( Great Mystery in Opata) please keep this place protected and the relatives who are defending it!

  26. Sonia says:

    Thank you Great Spirit for answering our prayers and thank you to all the Warriors for holding vigil and providing inspiration and Power to the people. The struggles may continue but the Movement is gaining force to unify and stand up and fight for the protection and highest respect of the sacred lands of all native peoples. The world is waking up — no more desecration! Thank you Great Spirit you are within us all.

  27. Bonnie Plain says:

    Congrats to all who stood strong and stayed on site throughout it all. I am so happy my heart is filled with joy! Now, if everyone, everywhere will follow through in the same manner, we will prevail in all our attempts to protect our sacred sites and hopefully our land, water, and air. Nishin (Good Job).

  28. Bravo!
    Faith & persistence pay off… I admire everyone’s courage and sacrifice to protect this sacred place. All you folks who made this happen: you are an inspiration – thank you!

  29. Stephanie Manning says:

    Bigtime congratulations to the organizers and the occupiers! Way to go!
    Along with celebrations must come extreme vigilance that the site continues to be protected, that the ancestors, the trees, the animals and the configuration of the terrain be kept in a way that respects the sacredness of the site. It is not just the presence of ancestral remains that makes this site sacred, it is everything about it, the land, the waterways, the flora & fauna and beauty itself. These must be guarded as the newly configured parking lot gets designed and constructed. We thought West Berkeley Shellmound was stable for the time being, but deep trenches are dug around the perimeter daily as the City constructs the animal shelter project close by with no monitors present. There is no telling who they are disturbing nor does anyone working seem to care.

  30. Mono Palomo says:

    It was an Honor to spend quality time there and feel all the unity of building consensus regarding our ancestral tribal burial grounds. Sharuru! Blessings

  31. Neil Whitelaw, Druid Order says:


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