Day 10: Hundreds attend community gathering at Glen Cove

Mayor Osby Davis with Wounded Knee DeOcampo

Over 300 people attended today’s Indigenous Peoples Earth Day celebration, in support of the ongoing struggle to protect the Glen Cove sacred burial ground from desecration. Many races and creeds were represented in the attendees, who included Alcatraz Occupation veterans. Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis received a guided tour of the land. News media on the scene were KPFA, KCBS, KPIX, KTVU, Indybay, and the DC Radio Coop.

Speakers included Jimbo Simmons (Choctaw), Fred Short (Ojibwa), Mark Anquoe (Kiowa), Bradley Angel of Greenaction, and a Seneca man who spoke about the Great Law of Peace. Songs and dances were offered by Pomo, Rumsien Ohlone, Miwok, and Aztec people.

It was a beautiful day. We are inspired and encouraged that even with short notice and minimal outreach, so many came from near and far in support of this work of honoring and protecting our indigenous ancestors. We send a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who was present, in body or in spirit.

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  1. Salaam / Peace,

    It was an honor to be part of yesterday’s gathering at Sogorea Te. I cannot put into words how special and amazing this gathering is, I was touched deeply on many levels. Amongst the many things shared and remembered, the following words shared by an elder speaking resonated deeply with me as an Afghan woman: “A nation is not defeated until the hearts of its women are on the ground”. As Afghan people, we stand in solidarity with our Native sisters and brothers in the struggle for peace.

  2. We came to support our brothers and sisters who are protecting this sacred site. Thank you for keeping the fire of resistance burning. We have become slaves to a system where we work so much and still don’t have enough to give our children decent food, education and safety. . .amongst all this , Glen Cove is a respite, a home place for our ancestors and many relatives (the birds, insects, plants, other animals) to thrive. As we were dancing within the circle, I could feel hundreds of ancestors who have danced that very dance, singing that very song. . for centuries. . gathered with us there, strongly. So grateful to you, the modern day warriors taking a stand against ‘the pavement smoothering’ of our natural Grandmother Earth’s breath. You continue to follow those original instructions given us , previous to the invasion of the foreigners who endeavor to kill this little piece of earth, the resting place of our ancestors.

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