Day 13 – Meeting was moved to Native American Heritage Commission in Sacramento

Today the Protect Glen Cove Committee spoke with the Justice Department mediator, only to find that we are continuing to be shut out of discussion regarding Glen Cove, and all details are “confidential”. On Monday, the Mediator met with GVRD at the Native American Heritage Commission (NAHC) offices in Sacramento – without informing or discussing this change of venue with the committee. Our understanding was that meetings would take place in a neutral location, and the NAHC is far from neutral in this situation.

Wounded Knee DeOcampo and the rest of the committee are now asking all our supporters to please take a moment to send emails and letters to the Native American Heritage Commission, to make it clear to them that there is widespread support for our efforts to protect our ancestors at Glen Cove by preventing the current development plan from proceeding. We are also asking those who have previously sent letters and emails to GVRD/the City of Vallejo to forward them on to the NAHC.

Native American Heritage Commission
(916) 653-4082

915 Capitol Mall, Room 364

Sacramento, CA 95814

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