Brief Day 21 update

Steve Pressley of GVRD, camcorder in hand

This morning, Steve Pressley of GVRD again walked the
grounds, this time with GVRD’s park maintenance supervisor. They stated that sometime next week, they’ll weed-whack and mow down the grasslands at Glen Cove, because as the grass dries, its a “fire hazard”.

Today’s Times-Herald newspaper article reported that “In response to the protest — which has delayed construction — the GVRD has hired a public relations firm [Perry Communications Group] in an effort to ‘dispel myths and rumors’ about the Waterfront Improvement Plan. The contract is not to exceed $10,000, officials said.” Ten thousand dollars!

In the evening, ceremony was held at Sogorea Te for a newborn child, who was welcomed to the world with prayers for well-being and long life.

Latest article:
Times Herald, 5/05: Glen Cove park opponents ask U.N. to help

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2 Responses to Brief Day 21 update

  1. Caitlin says:

    Thank you for welcoming me to your sacred site and allowing me to pray with you for the protection of your ancestors’ burial grounds. You know you’re on the losing side of an ethical battle when you have to pay $10,000 to get people to trumpet your misguided lies. Stay strong and we will continue to support in the ways you need us.

  2. Pitt River Warrior says:

    The unity within the Indian nation is a wild fire just waiting for that spark! “Sogorea te”

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